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This page will be used to list different items found by members to be of value on their car or in their workshop. It is not intended to be an endorsement - simply a place to share knowledge of items that might help us all enjoy the Mustang and Ford Life!  Any ideas for submission are always welcome.  Please forward to the webmaster for posting.

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Clear Plastic Rain Cover

For that "Rain Emergency" during the Car Show!

This little car cover resembles a Lady's hair cover that is used while taking a shower when they don't want to get their hair wet - only its MUCH bigger!  These can be found around the internet ranging in price from $5 to $15.  It is considered disposable, but is made from transparent plastic with an elastic band around the bottom.  It won't hold up to high winds, but from experience, it will certainly keep the car dry during those unexpected rain showers!


Green Hinge Garage Door Hinges

Helps Seal out the Winter Cold

I was told about these hinges by a fellow car enthusiast who was experiencing a lot of difficulty in keeping the cold wind out of his garage during the winter months while trying to work on his car.  They work by spring loading the door panels to the frame, ensuring a very tight fit.  Put them on my doors this winter and noticed a significantly easier time in keeping the heat in the garage where it belongs.  Picture above contains contact information and two photos showing standard hinge, and special double wide hinge for large doors.  Installation is very easy and does not require removal of any door panels.  Just do one hinge at a time till done!


Road Wrap

Additional Information

First saw this product at the SEMA show in Las Vegas NV in 2011.  (By the way, however you can get into that show, it should be on EVERY car lover's bucket list!)  Basically the product resembles "Saran-Wrap" for cars.  It applies easily, and prevents bugs, dirt, and even minor chips in paint while driving.  True, it does not look the best on the car, but it preserves the car while driving to the Car Show!  Easily removed by simply pulling off.  Does not seem to harm paint or other surfaces.  The box contains both a 12" and a 6" wide roll of the material and costs about $30.  Box says it will wrap front of average vehicle up t 3 times.

Click this button to go to the Downloads section and download a PDF of the front and back of the box, including installation instructions.

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